The Process

Through the process of evolution we have the ability to understand the roots of creation.   This is a process that must unfold internally the remembering comes to us as we let go of what we think it should be and allow for what actually is to be and then to be with what is.

My Experience

As a  Child and young adult I Suffered From toxic relationships and circumstances that lead into Depression Anxiety self destructive behavior And thoughts of suicide.  Seeking therapy and being given prescription medication this never actually helped it was more of a cover up or a quick fix rather than an actual cure.  For years I was on an emotional roller coaster some days were bad and others worse. I tried to smile and carry on but the pain was unbearable. Most all the time I experienced back pain to the point I was increasing medications and very seldom receiving relief.  A friend recommended I go see a therapist of holistic remedies so of course I was open for anything by this time.  During our session I felt something change within me something shifted something connected. I felt a strong essence of love  and compassion along with a presence of something extraordinary a sense that I have never felt it was something I could not quite explain, something that could only be felt through personal senses.  After she worked on me I left and I began to feel the tightness dissolve the pain just seemed to disappear and was gone within days.  This lead me to believe in something more than just our normal five senses she was the medium in my life to bridge the gap of natural and supernatural. Unaware of her abilities prior to making the appointment I realized she was gifted she carried with her something beautiful a touch of healing, because from that day on I started to feel well and was making decisions that were leading me down a different yet healthier path.  This path lead me into a moment of clarity and understanding.

Pain & Why We Hurt

Some Place Deep Within My Heart I Knew There Had To Be An Answer For Why We Experience Pain, Why We Hurt And the curiosity to know what the human being is. Is there a  heaven and hell and what happens after this? What is the purpose? As a young adult I strived to find stability something I rarely had as a child. We constantly moved never being in the same school for two consecutive years. I later realized  this was an advantage. I learned how to adjust and change with the flow of where life was taking me. I was able to fully surrender and accept that whatever was happening in my life that it must be for the better of my experience. In the later part of my 20's I began to experience what I consider to be a spiritual awakening this lead to the deep answers I was seeking as why who and what? The revealing could only be understood by an internal force I know now that this was not something I was going to find in church or in books or even from another individual this was something sacred, something special that was buried deep within our subconscious (an understanding each of us have the ability to know and remember.)  This cleared away old patterns and programmed beliefs that have been handed down through generations thus given the experience of enlightenment  (the complete destruction of untruths.) Then the result of being healed from what had manifested in my physical body due to my thoughts and emotions toward self and life leading me into alignment with a strong spiritual connection which is now the result of perfect health.

The ReConnection Connection

I was introduced to The Reconnection by a stranger at a coffee shop.  I became very interested after doing some research because for the first time this was something that actually made sense to me I could understand and relate to this work. Once this came into my life I knew I had this ability and found myself emerged in the Reconnection frequency.  I now dedicate myself to bring this awareness to others that they to may find wholeness within their body and lifestyle.