I want to start off saying when I first found out about this treatment I was bit skeptical. But the moment I laid on the table and closed my eyes it was like something took over my body. It was unexplainable! My first session - I don't want to say I was levitating -but I was levitating. I was fighting to keep my chest on the table as Angie use her magical hands. She didn't even touch me one time but you could feel these toxins or this evil come out of my body. You could just feel it. I don't even know how to explain it. Four days after that I was kind of sick like what you would be after you do a cleanse and soon after that it was like my life was different I felt much lighter like a extreme weight had been lifted off my chest and my shoulders and like I had a light wrapped around me like a shawl.  I want to say it was God's arms guiding me because that's what it felt like. My second session was beautiful all I saw was beautiful lights. I felt beautiful and free!

I felt loved for the first time in many years. I just have to thank Angie in all of the work she's done with me to help me make my life better. She truly has done that. She is truly has been given a gift from God and she knows how to use it. Thank you Angie!

Britney Freeman,